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Creating Our First Teaser

We finally created our first trailer. We were thinking a lot about how our scene should look at our first trailer, what we should show, what message we should transfer to the audience. So, we decided to go with a mystery trailer since our game is a mystery game. We didn’t want to discover a huge amount of information since our decision is to make that through multiple trailers and multiple mind games on our game website.

The approach that we took is as follows. First, we decide on the setting for the game and the situation the scene is in. For example, an old abandoned 90s themed house is what we went with here. That being determined, next we determine more specifically which assets will we need. Then we go and find the reference images that fit the description the most, and with that, we are all set to begin the 3D creating process. For that, we create a high polly version of the model we need. Next, we create a low polly version and open UVs. After that, we take the models and bake them thus creating our asset ready for texturing. When we were done with the texturing process we export the textures and pack it all up so that it can be nicely organized and implemented in the game. This is usually the way we go about creating 3D props.

For the environment itself, we went for the option to use the Unity Engine which has proven its reputation with our previous experience. The scene that we constructed is based and inspired by Nature Manufacture demo scene. First, we constructed the terrain for the whole environment. Next up were the forest and all bodies of water to live up the place a bit. After that, the construction of the cabin began. For that, we took even the construction steps from real life in order to achieve realism. First went up the walls and roof, textures, then we had to mask it as it was abandoned for a longer period of time and lastly were all the commodities. After all that we only focused on 3 things – Camera, Camera, and Camera. Using the new profile system for the camera effects we achieved near-perfect night environment. Last but not least was all the miscellaneous things that give the place some character. Falling leaves here and there, dust particles near the ground, some bugs, and a light fog gave the place the perfect tone for what will come next.