Who we are?

Engineers, IT professionals who have a high level of education, with many years working experience and excellent skills in information technology.

Help, encourage, invest and participate in creating our future because we know what is necessary and how all our and your ideas to become reality.

About Intetic

Intetic is a software application development and consulting company focused on technology-driven business solutions. Intetic works closely with clients to develop reliable and cost-effective solutions that address real business challenges to improve standard business practices for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. With a diverse team of senior level engineers, Intetic can handle a wide range of programming projects from IT Consulting to Enterprise level.

Intetic has a simple goal - to provide cutting edge software products and solutions and to become a leader in the software solutions field. Intetic distinguishes itself from the rest with its state of the art technologies and software development techniques, backed up by the talent and devotion of its engineers.

Our approach to software development combines the best features of the classic software engineering science with the innovation and creativity of our engineers and the best practices applied today. We know how important communicating with the customers is, so a big part of our development process includes listening to your thoughts and opinions and trying to incorporate them in the final product.