Who we are?

We are video game enthusiasts who consider life as a game. People who every situation and place in the world are seeing through prism of the game. Therefore, play games, play your life.

Help, encourage, invest and participate in creating world gaming future because we know how much important is the fun in human life.

About Intetic Games

Intetic Games is an independent game development studio located in Republic of Macedonia. We're dedicated to stay independent and developing our own games. We love making games as much as we love playing them.

Intetic Games has a simple goal - to provide cutting edge video games and to become a leader in the video game field. Intetic Games distinguishes itself from the rest with its state of the art technologies and developing video games techniques, backed up by the talent and devotion of its employees.

Our approach to video game development combines the best features of the classic gaming engineering science with the innovation and creativity of our employees and the best practices applied today. We know how important communicating with the audience is, so a big part of our development process includes listening to the audience thoughts and opinions, and trying to incorporate them into the final product.