The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1

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St. "Nevena Georgieva Dunja" No.13/10
1000 Skopje
Republic Of Macedonia

St. "Nevena Georgieva Dunja" No.13/10
1000 Skopje
Republic Of Macedonia

Mystery, Puzzle, Adventure

Release Date:
29 April 2020

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The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1


Mystery game that will raise your creativity, your mind, thinking out of the box

Short Description:

This is the story of detective Brian Fisher who after the disappearance of his father, makes his life mission to find him...alive! His father is a scientist and disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Brian is eager to find his father and devotes his life to find out why and how he disappeared, with his only hope to find him alive. Haunted by an unknown man who wants to steal the discovery from his father to rule the world, Brian is the key to unlock that discovery. Trapped in a place from which he is desperately trying to get away, using his creativeness, his mind, the tools that he can find and the training by his father, he reveals the whole story that torments him all his life.

Long Description:

  • The Whole Story
    This story is about 38-year old police detective Brian Fisher, a specialist in finding missing persons. 20 years ago, his father, who was an astrophysicist, disappeared under suspicious circumstances. 5 months after his disappearance, he was pronounced dead, but his body was never found. This case was the reason Brian Fisher became an investigator of missing persons. Up to now, he never accepted that his father was dead. He wants to prove his father is still alive and find him once and for all. Before the disappearance, his father made an important discovery that would greatly affect all of humanity. However, before revealing to the world what he found, he disappeared. Brian is now suddenly being stalked by an unknown man who wants to steal the discovery, and rule the world. But the problem is, Brian doesn't know about his father's discovery, or why the unknown man is haunting him.
    The full story has seven chapters. Through these seven chapters Brian Fisher reveals to you the strange story of how and why his father disappeared, who the unknown man is, and how he is connected with Fisher's family, drawing connections between the past and the present, and other mysterious revelations surrounding his father and his disappearance.

  • Chapter 1 Story
    This is only the beginning, just a very small part of the whole story, the first chapter where Brian Fisher's strange story. starts to unravel. Brian tried very hard to find some trace of his father's disappearance. He had been unsuccessful, until one day, an unknown man kidnapped Brian and imprisoned him in his father's cabin, deep in the inaccessible terrain of the thick forest.
    Brian's father used this cabin as a secret workshop, where he worked on all his most confidential discoveries. Brian doesn`t remember how this happened, because he was left unconscious after an unknown person approached him at night during a stroll through the park, and struck him in the head. He also doesn't remember how he got in the cabin. He didn`t know that the cabin was owned by his father. He never even knew it existed. But then he remembered he once read about a secret cabin in one of his mother's books. The cabin from the book and the cabin where Brian is now trapped seem to have a lot in common. It's as if he felt that he had been in the cabin before, but a very long time ago, like when he was a young boy, so his memories are fuzzy. Brian is now locked in a cage in the basement of the cabin, and the main goal of this chapter is to escape from the cabin using his creativity, ingenuity, the tools that he`s able to find, and his father's training.

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