And there is that feeling, you are stuck somwehere and all you are trying is to use all the ways to get out...

“Patience, my son” - It's what my father used to tell me

Journey beyond

This is the story of detective Brian Fisher who after the disappearance of his father, makes his life mission to find him...alive! His father is a scientist and disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Brian is eager to find his father and devotes his life to find out why and how he disappeared, with his only hope to find him alive. Haunted by an unknown man who wants to steal the discovery from his father to rule the world, Brian is the key to unlock that discovery. Trapped in a place from which he is desperately trying to get away, using his creativeness, his mind, the tools that he can find and the training by his father, he reveals the whole story that torments him all his life.


Discover the whole story, the adventure beyond it, the characters that are going to appear, the tools that are going to help you in the solving and understanding the story

29 April 2020


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